Online Casino Licenses & Regulations: What You Need To Know

Introduction to Online Casino Licenses

online casino licenses

Online casinos are fast-growing casino businesses since they offer a lot of flexibility to players. It would help if you had your business licensed legally as an online casino operator to attract more players. Regulations might cause a lot of burden to a casino operator, but the benefits derived from operating a casino legally are worth the hardship. Online casino licenses may vary based on the jurisdiction in which you operate and come from. Are you wondering what online casino licenses and regulations are and how to acquire one? In this article, we will inform you about online casino licenses.

What are online casino licenses and regulations?

An online casino license is a legal document showing the right of a person or company to operate an online casino legally. Online casino licenses confer that online casinos, like physical ones, be regulated and work legally. Most authorities and countries have strict rules regarding licensing for online casinos, mainly for the safety of customers and to regulate the type of activities being carried out in a casino, which can also be a good way of preventing money laundering.

The reality is that licenses can be quite costly, and obtaining one might not be easy. Different countries have different costs for licenses. Therefore, check with your casino regulatory board in your country to know the cost of an online casino license. In countries like online casino Singapore and online casino Malaysia, the regulations of legal online casinos are stricter than in other countries.

Requirements to Obtain an online casino license

online casino requirements

You must have the following requirements to get an online casino license to have a legal online casino.

  • Publish data on each offered game’s return to the player (RTP).
  • Familiarize and acknowledge the type of clients who can play the game, including minimum age.
  • Regular testing of (RNG) random number generator software.
  • Establish limits on deposits.
  • Establish playing time for all gaming software.
  • Provide telephone and emails from customer support.

Various online casino license regulating authorities in the world.

Note that these are just a few well-known casino regulating authorities. There are other authorities across the world. Different regulators might have different rules and regulations on acquiring a license, costs, and requirements.

  • Malta gambling authority is a lucrative casino authority that is very reputable in Europe since it offers four classes of online casino licenses.
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission, this gambling authority is located in the UK. It offers licenses based on what your company is doing and the type of games your online casino offers.
  • Gibraltar gambling authority they are located in Gibraltar. To get an online casino license, you need to prove that your company can conduct transactions through the banks in Gibraltar, and you should be financially capable.
  • Curacao gaming authority, an island in the Caribbean, is well known for having many online casinos. They have two types of licenses, sub-licenses, and master licenses.
Curacao Gaming License

What are the benefits of an online casino license?

1.   Operate legally. Getting an online casino license will help your business operate as a legal online casino. This will help you get into less trouble with authorities in your country and allow you to get legal help in case there is a breach of security or any other matter in your business.

2.   It drives more customers, and having a legal online casino helps drive in more customers. Many customers are more likely to get the services of your online casino if your casino is licensed. Customers like feeling secure in terms of their money and privacy of data. This can only be achieved if your online casino is licensed.

Apple Pay

3.   Access to other platforms, as an online casino operator, customers will need to withdraw and deposit money through a payment platform, either PayPal, Credit cards, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, or any other payment method. You will be required to have a legal online casino to gain access to these payment platforms or methods. This can be done by obtaining an online casino license.


Legal online casino gives you more access to customers and other benefits as an online casino operator. Different countries have different regulations on how to get an online casino license and requirements for you to be eligible for one. Contact your gambling authority and get an online casino license for your business today.

If you want to know which online casino platforms have a valid license, you can check the online casino reviews here for more.

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