Bitcoin Online Casino 101: The New Strength of This Payment

Increases in Bitcoin Online Casino: Changes of Payment Method

In recent years, there has been a change in the primary payment methods for online casinos, and we called it a bitcoin online casino. This is because many people are already well-aware of how cryptocurrencies work and that they can benefit them as long as they stay caught up by this new trend. 

Bitcoin has been proven to be quite advantageous to many people. This is because once the transactions have been verified and confirmed, they will be processed briefly. This has encouraged many online casinos platform to start accepting this new cryptocurrency. 

As such, Bitcoin has become a much sought-after medium of payment when they decide to play online casino games. In addition, Bitcoin is also relatively safe, making it even more attractive as a medium of payment with online casinos.

With all the above reasons, there are some online casino platforms that provide casino game services solely using bitcoin (bitcoin online casino sites) and crypto (online crypto casino sites). The top bitcoin online casino platform you can think of include BK8, GOD55, ME88, and many more. 

Not only the online casino providers, but the online casino game providers themself, also create games that accept bets using bitcoin. These bitcoin online casino games and crypto casino games are only exclusive to those players who have this deposit function.

1. Normal deposit methods, from ATMs to online banking, then now to e-Wallet, Credit Cards, and Bitcoin payment for deposits.

There are several ways for you to deposit funds into online casinos in Singapore after you decided to bet real money on them. Some of the deposit and withdrawal methods that have been provided include ATMs, online banking, and credit cards. 

ATM is the fastest medium of payment that you can use, but it is inconvenient because you will have to go to a physical location for you to get the funds deposited. Online banking is also relatively easy to use and also fast. 

Top online betting providers including BK8, GOD55, 77Bet, Hfive5, and other promises to have your deposit confirmed and transferred to your account in under 3 minutes. This works differently as compared to traditional online casinos. 

However, in some circumstances, online banking could take several days before your deposit shows up. This is not because of the issue from the online gambling platform, but the bank itself. 

InterGIRO fund transfers normally take effect instantly, but transfers to different banks might take up to 72 hours to show up. 

Furthermore, online banking also charges a little more extra fee than the next payment medium. Credit cards are also quite popular when it comes to mediums of payment. 

Credit cards are quite convenient to use, but they have a lot of disadvantages that can make you not want to use them as your medium of payment. The main disadvantage is that credit card companies charge very high fees, which means you might pay more than you should.

Normally bank takes 2-3% credit card transaction fees out of your amount which could be a burden cost if the players use it to deposit constantly. And more, you definitely don’t want to let your bank know that you are depositing a fund into an online casino Singapore platform. 

Singaporean tends to stay away from this kind of trouble from both the government and the bank. So even though some trusted online betting platforms do have a credit card option when depositing money, a lot of players might choose to use another saver option. Credit card companies sometimes charge more than the casino for you to withdraw them.

Bitcoin has also become quite popular in recent years. The reason for this is that Bitcoin has a lot of advantages that are not found with the other mediums of payment. A large amount of fiat currency flowing into the market also makes bitcoin or cryptocurrency become a popular option when depositing into online gambling platforms.

This is why you will find most online casinos willing to accept Bitcoin as your medium of payment for online gambling.  

The Advantages of Classic Deposit Methods


• Deposits are quick. The funds are immediately available for you to use.

• Instant withdrawal is also very fast, meaning that you will be able to withdraw your deposit as soon as it is available

• Minimum limits are usually easy to exceed especially when it comes to sports betting Singapore. The big kaki might bet a minimum of SGD100,000 on each match. Depositing SGD 100,000 into a deposit machine would sound impossible and dangerous.

Online banking:

• May have a fee but bags the ATM withdrawals. Most online banks have no fees associated with their withdrawals using online banking. Some of these banks charge a convenience fee which may or may not be covered by the casino.

• Deposits are made with a fast response time.

• Can be quite convenient because you can log into your account through the internet.

Credit card:

credit card payment

• The funds are available right away, which makes it quite convenient.

• Deposits are quick and easy. You must enter your card details and the amount you would like to deposit.


Bet online using bitcoin

• It is the quickest payment medium because no third party is needed to process the transaction.

• The transactions are almost instantaneous.

• Very secure because it uses cryptography to keep it safe.

• Fees are usually not charged by Bitcoin online casino, with very few exceptions

3. Online casinos that have the fastest deposit and withdrawal response

Bitcoin online casino - bet using bitcoin

The following online casinos will give you a chance to play and enjoy yourself while they have fast deposit and withdrawal responses. Note that this is not a complete list of every online casino online.

BK8 Casino Singapore:

BK8 is now the biggest online casino provider in South East Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. With all the different local currencies and local services around the SEA, BK8 first introduce the acceptance of bitcoin in 2020 to cater to this problem. 

Anyone from all around the world can deposit into the BK8 player account without worrying about the long process upon deposit and withdrawal. This is why everyone loves BK8, a trusted online casino platform with all the major payment methods available worldwide.

888 Casino:

888Casino is an excellent bitcoin online casino because it has more than 600 games that you can choose from. This is a perfect bitcoin online casino because they offer you a wide range of options and excellent customer support service, which will solve your problems.

Caesars Casino

Caesars casino is another great bitcoin online casino you can use for gaming. You can bet on slots, sports betting, and table games. You can choose from more than 160 different games, which are fun to play. Their customer support agents are beneficial and will help you get the most out of your gaming experience.

FanDuel Casino

FanDuel Bitcoin online casino is a great place to enjoy your favorite casino games because they have more than 100 games to choose from. This is good because you can bet on sports, play slots and enjoy other table games. Their customer support team is one of the best in the industry and will help you get the most out of your gaming experience.

4. Advantages of Bitcoin to the online casinos

There are numerous advantages that online casinos get when they use Bitcoin. First, Bitcoin has been proven to be one of the quickest and most efficient online gambling payment modes. 

This is why Bitcoin payments have become very popular, and some casinos have decided to add this new payment method as one of their existing ones. 

Secondly, it is pretty convenient because you don’t have to go through third parties for you to be able to get your deposits cleared quickly. This is good because it gives you more time to play your favorite game.

One of the most important advantages of Bitcoin is that it is decentralized, meaning there are no middlemen who can take a lot of money from you and disappear with your money. 

Bitcoin has been proven to be more secure than all other online payment mediums. This is why online casinos choose Bitcoin over the different payment methods because they know that their money will be safe in the hands of Bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin Online Casino in Singapore

The following Singapore Bitcoin online casino can allow you to play and enjoy yourself while they provide bitcoin as one of their payment methods.

Lucky Block Casino

Lucky Block is one of the best Bitcoin online casino that accepts Bitcoin as one of their mediums of payment. They have great customer support agents willing to help you with any questions or problems.

MD88 Casino

MD88 casino is one of the best Bitcoin online casinos that uses Bitcoin as one of its payment methods. They have a wide variety of games for you to choose from and are very trustworthy.


Bitcoin has become quite popular in recent years since it has a lot of advantages that are not carried by other mediums of payment. Bitcoin online casino enables you to get your funds quickly; in most cases, they will be available almost instantly. 

The transaction fees are also relatively low compared to other payment methods. Bitcoin online casino accept Bitcoin because this payment method is efficient and convenient for players.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Slot games, live dealer games, and sportsbooks also give betting options to the gamblers on how they would like to put their bet. Some online casino brands even give a special promotion to those who deposit using bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Popular promotions include 100 free spins, 300 free spins, a 150% Bitcoin deposit welcome bonus, and many more.

So start exploring this on some Bitcoin online casino platforms

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