The History of Online Gambling in Singapore

Learn the History of Online Gambling and its Future

history of online gambling

Since Singapore’s first online casino launched there in the early 1990s, online gambling has been a part of city history. Since then, it has grown in popularity among locals and tourists, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Here we explore the history of online gambling and the development of online gambling in Singapore over the years to become the well-liked hobby that it is now.

The Early Days of Online Gambling

Despite these dangers, online gambling in Singapore swiftly gained popularity. In the history of online gambling, these websites were simple for users to access from their homes, allowing them to play whatever game they desired. Online gambling became a desirable alternative to conventional betting and gaming.

Macau casino building at night
A view of Macau. Casino buildings light up with a reflection on the riverside.

The government in Singapore grew increasingly conscious of the possible harm that online gambling may bring as more individuals started to investigate it. The Online Gambling Act, which forbade all varieties of remote gambling, was adopted by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2002.

Operators from both domestic and foreign countries were covered. In the history of online gambling, for many years, this regulation essentially prevented Singapore from having any kind of online betting.

Recently, though, things have started to shift and change the history of online gambling. Some foreign online betting operators have recently been granted temporary exemptions from the law so they can offer online gambling services in Singapore. This has ushered in a new age of online gambling in Singapore and expanded the alternatives available to online bettors.

History of Online Gambling: The Growth

According to the history of online gambling, in the mid-2000s, online gambling Singapore started to grow. As internet access increased and technology developed, more individuals began to use it to place bets on their preferred sports or events.

Online casinos with a variety of gaming alternatives and a simple method to place bets without having to leave the comfort of their homes, including Resorts World, Genting Casino, and casino slots, started springing up all across the nation.

The number of websites providing online gambling services increased in conjunction with this increase in popularity, with sites like BK8, 12Play, GOD55, EU9, SBOBet, 12BET, and ECLBet leading the charge.

The Regulation of Online Gambling in the History of Online Gambling

Singapore’s complicated laws governing online gambling have long been the subject of intense public and governmental scrutiny. Online gambling is not expressly forbidden by law, however, it is against the law to promote or enable gambling in Singapore.

The Singaporean government does, however, impose stringent guidelines and limitations on foreign gaming websites that operate there. As a result, most of the websites and services for online gambling that are offered in Singapore are hosted elsewhere.

Currently, it is against the law to advertise or encourage any kind of online gambling in the nation. This includes any marketing for offshore online gambling products and services, as well as any online gambling-related activity.

The Future of Online Gambling

It is challenging to forecast the future of online gambling Singapore just based on the history of online gambling, since several aspects must be taken into account. But other possibilities could have an impact on the sector.

First off, even though the government has been studying it for a while, Singapore has not yet legalized any kind of internet gambling. This implies that it might become a crucial component of the economy if the government decides to legalize and regulate it.

To make sure that all participants are treated fairly and are safe, there would probably be strict regulations and licensing requirements placed in place.

Second, considering the availability of mobile devices, online gambling’s popularity in Singapore may increase significantly in the future. Users will be able to access their preferred games from anywhere with mobile gambling applications. This may increase the accessibility and convenience of online betting.


Gambling online since its inception, Singapore has advanced significantly. As more individuals are getting interested in the realm of online gambling, it expanded quickly and underwent regulation to make sure that all gamers could access secure gambling sites.

There are still worries about the possibility of problem gambling despite this regulation, but with responsible gaming efforts and stringent laws in place, the sector is well on its way to establishing a secure environment for everyone participating.

When did online gambling first become popular in Singapore?

Online gambling started gaining popularity in Singapore in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This was largely due to advancements in technology and the increased accessibility of the internet, allowing Singaporeans to explore various online gaming options from the comfort of their homes.

What was the first form of online gambling available in Singapore?

The first form of online gambling available in Singapore was sports betting, which gained traction among local sports enthusiasts. Soon after, other forms of gambling, such as online casinos and poker rooms, started to emerge, offering a diverse range of gaming options for Singaporeans.

How has the Singapore government responded to the rise of online gambling?

The Singapore government has taken a strict stance against illegal online gambling activities. In 2014, they introduced the Remote Gambling Act (RGA), which criminalized all forms of online gambling that was not explicitly authorized by the government. This act aimed to protect Singaporeans from the potential harms of unregulated online gambling.

Are there any legal online gambling options in Singapore?

Yes, there are legal online gambling options in Singapore. In 2016, the government granted Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club exemptions under the RGA, allowing them to offer online betting services for sports, horse racing, and lottery games. However, online casino games are still not legally available within the country.

What is the future of online gambling in Singapore?

While the Singapore government maintains a strict stance on online gambling, it is unclear how the industry will evolve in the future. As technology continues to advance and the global online gambling market expands, it is possible that the government may consider revising their regulations to allow for a more diverse and regulated online gambling industry within the country.

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