Singapore Horse Racing Tips

Singapore Horse Racing Betting Tips

In this Singapore horse racing betting tips, you will learn everything about horse racing before you start betting on it. Continue reading these comprehensive horse racing tips below.

Horse racing is a sport where two horse and rider pairs compete over a predetermined distance. The winner is determined solely by who finishes first without any other factors being taken into consideration, such as how much weight each contestant carries, or how well the horse jumps. 

Each contest features three races held on the same day with one race per hour. Horse racing betting tips can be utilized by both new as well as experienced bookmakers. 

Each race will have categories that must be followed to determine the winner. The horse that scores within the period or who crosses the finish line first will receive a predetermined amount of money.

History of Horse Racing Betting

Singapore horse racing betting tips

Horse racing betting is a very old sport, which has been practiced for centuries in different parts of the world including China. 

In the year 562 BC, the first horse racing event was held in Corinth where thirty-two men took part in a race over 6km with each of them carrying a burden of 20 lbs. 

Horse racing betting started in Great Britain with the government finding and regulating races. Betting on these horse racing events was prevalent before the creation of formalized pari-mutuel system of placing bets.

The very first horse racing event in England came about in 1666 when King Charles II gave an area known as Newmarket to his brother James. 

James was commanded to build a racecourse and betting facilities, which he did and named Newmarket Racecourse

Horse racing was recognized as a sport that is worthy of betting and had gained popularity amongst those partaking in it by the year 1722. 

The organizing of races then took place in the town of Epsom, which happened to have a popular course that attracted people from all over England and beyond.

Type of Horse Racing in Singapore

Singaporean is watching horse racing match

Below are the most common types of Singapore horse racing betting tips in Singapore that are available today.

1. Flat racing

The flat racing horse betting sport is held on a level surface and it is the most common type of horse racing around the world. The horses are required to run in an anti-clockwise direction, which is usually done for one mile or any distance up to one and a half furlongs. The horses have to complete this distance within a period, and if they do, they will be declared the winner.

2. Steeplechase racing

Steeplechasing refers to races over fences and it is the most preferred type of horse racing in a lot of countries. The horses are required to complete without fail, across a set distance, or in any case, having completed it by the target time. 

However, some steppings can last for several miles and there are even steeplechase races where the winners win by exceeding a certain time limit for every race. 

Athletes may have to jump over fences to gain altogether six fences; this is generally called an English chase or chase hurdle. Steeplechasing horse racing betting tips are available in Singapore.

3. Harness racing

This type of Singapore horse racing involves harnessed horses known as pacing horses. The horses are required to run the course in a prescribed fashion; the distance varies from a couple of miles to 100 miles. The horses have to finish within the given period while crossing several jumps that may be over fences or not and in addition through the water. It is also common for multiple events to be held one after another.

4. Endurance racing

Endurance racing is a fast-evolving form of horse racing with the participants required to compete against the clock in a race. 

The winner is determined by who crosses the finish line first without any other factors being taken into consideration, including whether or not they have broken through the set amount of fences being jumped. 

Except for the mentioned horse racing type, there are also other popular racing like Irish Racing and Australian Racing.

Strategy and advice when betting on horse

Here are several strategies and tips to consider when betting on horse racing

1. Dutching system

The Dutching system is a technique where the horse leads the pack in its early stages, which means that it will be closer to the finish line as compared to other competitors. 

It is a simple yet perfect way to increase winning probability whilst helping you earn more during your betting.

2. Use of speed to maximize its potential

Horse racing betting tips are often used for making predictions on the horse’s abilities. The forward-running horses will generally win the most; therefore, you must use the full potential of your horse by ensuring that he is free from all distractions. 

You should also make sure that he does not lose any stamina during the race by making use of a pickup stick or pole or even a handful of flowers. You can also be sure that he is in top form by applying some high-quality performance supplements to your horse including Alpha Synth and Horsepower before you start betting.

3. Utilize the size of the track

The size of the track is an advantage for some athletes, especially for those found on smaller tracks. This does not have any effect on all horses in general, but it does affect those that are quite small, who will find it difficult to outperform those in bigger arenas. 

This strategy can be used when you come up against a horse with a comparatively larger frame and who has more power behind him.

4. Adjustments to the horse’s diet and training regime

Some trainers adjust their horse’s diet to make sure that it has enough stamina, endurance, and power to win. 

This is done by ensuring that the horse is getting a higher amount of carbohydrate intake, which helps in improving its overall fitness. 

The development of muscles, tendons, and ligaments is also critically important because ultimately it will help the horse in finding more opportunities for winning races.

5. Do research on your horses

This is crucial and one of the best Singapore horse racing betting tips. You need to know all about the horses in advance. If you do not know any information about the horses you are betting on, then it would be wise to refrain from making a bet, because it would be a waste of money.

6. Use of a handicap system

This horse racing betting tip can help in reducing some losses. This involves placing bets on several horses and picking out your favorite ones that have borrowed strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized by bettors.


So, now you have some strategies and horse racing betting tips. Remember that the strategies utilized here are a great way to increase your winning chances in horse racing. 

It is also important to remember that most winners do not always have the fastest horses, but they still have the correct strategy and these strategies will provide you with a guide on how to use these strategies.

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