The ultimate list of Las Vegas casinos

In the quest for a casino in Las Vegas, you might be looking for some list of Las Vegas casinos. It can be very confusing to find out which is the best casino to play at, considering that Las Vegas is known to have great casino gambling resorts. The casinos in Las Vegas can be split into three categories, the Strip, the Garden and the MGM Grand. Although there is a large amount of variety, this article will focus on just one of the three.

list of las vegas casinos

First off, we will start with the world famous strip. There are two main areas in the west of the strip, namely the Flamingo and Aladdin. Both of these areas are pretty much always open for business. The Flamingo is mostly always open except during the week of Christmas. The Aladdin is almost always closed except on holidays.

From the strip we proceed to the second location of the Las Vegas strip. This is the El Rancho strip. This is where most people go to enjoy their Las Vegas holidays from the comfort of their hotel room. Although there is still some Las Vegas style casinos here, most of them have been remodeled and closed to all but the extremely lucky few. The El Rancho strip has also been remodeled and is now home to some of the finest restaurants in town.

Finally, we move to the third location of the strip, the east side of town. This area was historically the poorest part of the city, but it has now been completely revitalized. Many of the stripatories are now renovated hotels, or just modern casino hotels. It has, however, lost most of its casino buffets.

The fourth and final strip location is on the northwest part of town. The word “harrah” has long since been forgotten, but it once was a very popular place to be. This area, called the triangle is where you will find the best restaurants, the best shopping, and the nightlife Las Vegas has to offer. It is also a good place to get the cheapest hotel room rates. Like the other Strip locations, it too has been remodeled and is once again home to many of the same restaurants and hotels that once adorned this area.

When we look at it like this, you can see why the strip locations have such a bad rap. Las Vegas is all business, no matter what you look like or who you are. Sure, some of the areas are overpriced, but the tourists quickly replenish their funds and head back to the arrays for more gambling pleasure. Just remember the old aphorism, “Gambling brings death.” Be warned, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Just keep your family safe.

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