The famous Liberty Slots Casino

The first time I came across the name Liberty slots casino it was quite a shock for me. I am not a big fan of casino games where I have to pay in order to play and win. I thought that this casino had a great design, layout and the graphics looked really nice. However, upon further inspection of the actual site there were many apparent design flaws which made the actual casino experience a bad one for me. There were a lot of problems with the online version of this casino that made it rather poor compared to its physical counterpart. To start off with there were no signboards telling people that machine was good to play with and that machine was a jackpot winner.

I also noticed that the live chat representative at the front desk did not offer any help nor did they answer my queries properly. They offered me some support when I was stuck on the screen however they never offered me any help when I was playing live. This made me think that perhaps they were not really interested in me as a customer and were just using this computer program as a front door to steal my cash! After my experiences with the liberty slots casino I decided not to play any more there and I advise other players not to either.

The main issue I had with the site is that they did not have any bonuses for players who placed a lot of coins into the machine. The only slots game that had any kind of bonus was the high roller slots. This is probably the only way to earn coins while playing on the machine without taking advantage of the free spin offers. I found that the best slot games at Liberty slots Casino were the progressive slot games which have the biggest jackpots of any of the regular slots.

Liberty slots also has very limited prize pools. I suppose it is for the purpose of making sure that nobody will get too excited and try to play for the big jackpots as it would obviously be a very difficult thing to do. I have seen some reports on the internet about people trying to deposit large amounts of money into a single machine, only to find that they have all been sent home with less than a dollar in their pockets! The nice thing was that their initial deposits made up for most of their loss!

Some people may complain about having to wait so long for their “earned” money to show up but after spending so many hours playing the virtual slots machine you should have nothing to complain about. Some players will probably find that the time-frame for the no-deposit weekly bonuses to appear is a little too drastic and will feel a little cheated. I did have one experience where the no-deposit weekly bonus did not appear for three days. However, this happened in a different casino and was therefore not an actual case with Liberty.

I have never been a huge fan of online slots. However, I have been able to learn enough about the online slots games to know that they are a worthwhile casino game if you are looking for something a little different to your normal casino games. With the no deposit bonus, if you play your normal slot games at home and manage to win a few bucks here and there, then you would lose most of your deposit when you go out to play in the casinos. With the no deposit bonuses you can always come back to this game later on without having lost all of your investment, plus you will still get to have fun and win a little bit of cash while you are at it!

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